Why is my eufy Doorbell Offline

You check your app to see who is outside after hearing your Eufy doorbell ring. But, your doorbell is offline according to your Eufy app. Why is my eufy Doorbell Offline After confirming that the doorbell is turned on, you are now trying to figure out how to turn it back on.

Why is my eufy Doorbell Offline

If this describes you, keep reading to find out how to get your Eufy wired doorbell connection back.

Your initial reaction might be to pick up the phone and vent to the support staff, whether your EUFY doorbell isn’t functioning right out of the box or after operating normally for some time.

You bought for an allegedly ground-breaking smart home gadget, but it isn’t even performing the bare minimum of its intended functions.

Be at ease. As this post will go on to explain, there are a few typical and simple fixes for a broken EUFY doorbell.

To avoid problems like this in the future, you should understand why your Eufy doorbell is offline before we continue. Here are a few typical causes for Eufy doorbell outages:

  • Power issues.
  • Your Wi-Fi connection is weak/unstable.
  • The voltage on your doorbell transformer is too low.
  • The doorbell is malfunctioning.

Let’s look at some solutions to these problems now.

1. Check Whether the Doorbell Has Received Power

If your Eufy wired doorbell appears offline in the app, you should start your troubleshooting here. To continue to be connected to your home WiFi, the doorbell must be turned on. Hence, it will disconnect from Wi-Fi and go offline if the power is down.

Check to see if your doorbell is on. Activate the electricity if necessary. Turn off the electricity if it was on, then wait for around 20 seconds before turning it back on.

Check the app once more to see if the doorbell is operational once more. If not, move on to the following action.

2. Check that the Wires Are Connected Firmly

Your doorbell is hardwired, thus problems with the wiring could make the connection impossible. Thus checking for and fixing any wiring issues is a different solution to attempt. Make sure everything is in working condition and check for any burned, loose, or pinched wires.

Remember, though, that electrical problems are best handled by experts. If you don’t have any experience with wiring issues, hire a certified electrician to inspect and correctly fix your doorbell wires.

How Do I Get My EUFY Doorbell Back Online?

Why is my eufy Doorbell Offline

We’ve covered a lot today, so let’s do a fast recap to condense everything into manageable chunks.

As long as the batteries, transformer, and wiring are in excellent shape, you may easily bring your doorbell back online.

If not, just swap out the broken one for a fresh one and restart your devices.

Next, think about performing a device reset as described in the preceding section to address any incorrect settings or issues.

Your EUFY doorbell will be operational once again in a matter of minutes!

It’s time to give up and bring in the pros if your doorbell still won’t operate.

3. Bring Your Router Closer to Your Eufy Doorbell

If your Eufy doorbell is too far from your router, it can lose connectivity.

Wi-Fi needs to be close by to work. So, the further your doorbell is from your router, the weaker the Wi-Fi signal becomes.

Eufy Help advises keeping the distance between your network and Eufy doorbell to 30 feet or fewer. If your router is more than 30 feet distant from your Eufy doorbell, move it closer.

Moreover, make sure your router is using the 2.4GHz frequency by checking the Wi-Fi band on it. Make sure your router only uses the 2.4GHz frequency because the majority of Eufy devices do not support the 5GHz spectrum.

After reducing the distance between the device and your router, if your Eufy Doorbell is still not working, your router could be at fault. Your router’s reboot may solve this problem.

How to restart your router is as follows:

  • Press the power button on the device to turn it off.
  • Wait for about ten seconds.
  • Now, turn it back on.
  • If your router has no power button, unplug it from the power source and plug it back in.

Go to the following step if this doesn’t resolve the offline problem.

5. Replace Your Router

Even if you reboot your network, your Eufy doorbell can still be offline. In that situation, there may have been issues with the router. And you might have to alter it.

Connect your Eufy doorbell to your phone’s hotspot to see if your router needs to be replaced. Your router might be beyond repair if your doorbell goes online after you connect it to your phone’s hotspot.

You might have to use the hotspot on your phone until you obtain a new router to keep your Eufy doorbell connected.

To link your phone’s hotspot to your Eufy doorbell, do the following:

  • Open your Eufy Security App.
  • Select My Devices and choose Wired Doorbell.
  • Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of your screen.
  • Navigate to Connection in the options that appear. Now, tap Wi-Fi and input the password of your phone’s hotspot.

Now your phone’s Wi-Fi will work with your doorbell.

For the doorbell transformer to operate properly, your Eufy doorbell needs a voltage of 16 to 24 VDC or 30 VA. When the voltage drops to less than 16 VAC, the doorbell will stop working.

6. Upgrade the Voltage on Your Eufy Doorbell’s Transformer

If you have been using your Eufy doorbell for some time, the doorbell transformer most likely supplies this voltage normally. But, if there is a power outage in your neighborhood, the voltage in your doorbell transformer could drop and become insufficient.

With the assistance of an electrician, you can resolve this problem by boosting the voltage on your doorbell transformer. Your device is less likely to go offline during a power surge if the voltage on your Eufy doorbell transformer is significantly higher than the necessary frequency.

As you are probably aware, Eufy regularly upgrades the firmware on all of its products. With your Eufy wired doorbell, if you’re still having offline problems, the firmware probably has to be updated.

To see if your Eufy Doorbell has a new firmware version, follow these steps:

  • Open the Eufy Security app on your phone.
  • Select your doorbell (wired doorbell) and then tap Device Settings.
  • Tap the menu icon and select My Devices.
  • Tap About Device and then select System Version. From here, you’ll see if there’s a new firmware version.

Please take note that the firmware cannot be updated manually. Once your Eufy app is open and connected to Wi-Fi, it will automatically update whenever a new firmware version is available. If it doesn’t update automatically, let it a little while (around 24 hours) and then check again.

Why did my doorbell camera go offline?

the main causes that Video Doorbell Pro could not be working

It’s possible that the internet at your location is down or that there is a lot of traffic at your internet service provider. You recently relocated to a new place, changed your wifi network, wifi password, or internet service provider (ISP).

8. Factory Reset Your Eufy Doorbell

You might notice that the only thing in your house that isn’t connecting to your Wi-Fi is your Eufy doorbell. This can indicate that there’s something wrong with your Eufy doorbell settings. It’s preferable to simply factory reset your Eufy doorbell because looking through your app for the faulty setting may take a while.

Here’s how to reset the factory settings on your Eufy doorbell:

Find the “reset hole” on the doorbell’s rear. To see the reset hole, you must unscrew the doorbell from its mounting bracket with a pin or paper clip.
Put the paper clip or pin in the reset hole. Next, hold the button down for roughly 10 seconds.

Your Eufy doorbell has now been reset. Reconnecting it to your Eufy Security app is the next step. If you’re unsure of how to proceed, simply follow these steps.

How to Connect Eufy Wired Doorbell to the Eufy App/Wi-Fi?

  • Log into your account in the Eufy Security app after opening it.
  • Click on Wired Doorbell under the Devices tab after selecting Add Device.
  • The system will ask you to scan the QR code on your doorbell. Locate and scan the QR code on the back of the doorbell.
  • Choose the area where your home is located by clicking.
  • Finally, configure the doorbell according to the directions on your app’s screen.
  • Now that the voltage in your doorbell’s transformer has been examined, the app will evaluate whether it satisfies the necessary voltage frequency. For optimal operation, Eufy wired doorbells need a voltage of 16–20 VDC or 30VA.
  • To start the voltage diagnosis, click Start Now.
  • Once the test is finished, push and hold the doorbell button for around five seconds to hear the ringtone.
  • Click “I’ve heard the ringtone” to continue after you’ve heard the ringtone.
  • A pop-up will appear asking for your permission to give the app access to a location. To avoid future connection problems, always choose Allow.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone at this time. Choose “I’ve enabled Bluetooth” by clicking. Via Bluetooth, your Eufy Security app will connect to your doorbell.
  • You should receive a notice stating that “your transformer can power the doorbell” if you followed the instructions correctly.
  • To complete linking your doorbell to your Eufy Security app, click Next.
  • To reconnect your Eufy doorbell to your router, choose your Wi-Fi network and type the password.

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EUFY Doorbell Not Powering On

Indeed, one of the most frequent mistakes is this one.

When people ring their doorbells, nobody even blinks. Why, therefore, is your EUFY doorbell not working?

In any case, we advise checking the batteries first. Check to see if any of them are completely dead because that is a common reason for dead doorbells.

Consider purchasing a fresh set of batteries and giving those a try if you don’t already have a gadget to gauge the amount of power left in them.

If the gadget starts up, you’ll know the batteries were the problem.

The next step is to diagnose the transformer if changing the batteries doesn’t fix the issue or if your doorbell is wired.

We frequently observe people utilizing the improper kind of transformer, which results in the appliance never turning on.

To solve this issue, review the user handbook and confirm that the transformer you’re utilizing matches the one specified in the guidelines.

If you’re utilizing the appropriate transformer, it’s likely that an electrical fault caused your transformer to become fried.

 EUFY Not Reacting to Motion

The next most likely issue is flawed motion detection if your gadget powers on without a hitch and you’re not experiencing any problems with Homebase connectivity.

Many users have complained Why is my eufy Doorbell Offline that their doorbell indicates that no one is there even when there is a person standing just in front of the camera.

Enter the activity zone settings of your device and set a more realistic parameter to resolve problems of this nature.

Same thing with motion sensitivity.

You’ll have to do some tinkering with these settings because you want the device to cover a reasonable area and motion activities without getting triggered over nothing.

Just try different settings and see what suits your needs best. The user manual will tell you everything about this.

Eufy Doorbell not Connecting to wifi

Why is my eufy Doorbell Offline

Once it is unable to communicate with the app and cloud servers, Eufy doorbell goes offline. Usually, a breakdown in the Wi-Fi network or power supply causes this. Likewise, network interference or being too far away from the main router could be the cause.


There you have it. To fix offline issues with your Eufy Doorbell, use the advice above.

In conclusion, if your Eufy doorbell is offline according to the app, check to see if the power is on before moving on to troubleshooting. As a final step in troubleshooting, try moving your router closer to the doorbell, restarting it, and then doing a factory reset on the doorbell if the power checks out but the device is still down.

If all else fails, get assistance from Eufy Customer Service.

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