How to Hide CCTV wires

How to hide CCTV wires The operations of CCTV cameras have been made easier, reliable, and faster with the best introduction of user-friendly features and options. But the wiring system of these CCTV cameras can be a hassle sometimes. so how to hide CCTV wires Hence, you may be wondering how to conceal surveillance CCTV camera wires, so they don’t mar the appearance of your home or property.

How to Hide CCTV wires

CCTV camera wires are not supposed to be exposed because intruders can easily disconnect the signals from your cameras. And, their graceless nature may be a source of domestics hazards. So, we decide to show you how to install a Bunker Hill CCTV camera and ways to hide it from the prying eyes of thieves.
In this article, I will guide you on How to hide CCTV Wires
Dangling and exposed CCTV camera wires can’t only lose the decor of your home, but also offer a good opportunity for thieves to disconnect or break your cameras by cutting the CCTV camera power or video wires. Luckily, there are many simple, easy, useful, and inexpensive ways for you to how to hide the CCTV wires inside and outside, so as to protect your CCTV camera systems from vandalism and extend the lifespan of the CCTV camera cabling.

How to Hide CCTV wires outside the home to monitor your Garage, Backyard and protect your home, goods or property from thieves and criminals.

More CCTV cameras are installed indoor/outdoor to save family, Kids, and to prevent crimes. But unfortunately, CCTV cameras can be stolen and damaged.

Intruders and criminals look for houses that don’t have indoor or outdoor security CCTV systems and surveillance cameras.

Homeowners concentrate on installing CCTV cameras inside the home, But the outdoor areas also important and CCTV cameras should be placed.

For example, people search online and search for best American cameras with features to buy without protecting it or know how to keep camera wires safe and don’t know how to hide cctv wires.

Besides, Knowing how to hide cctv wires, you should also know how to protect and keep CCTV cameras away from people, and the same for NVR or DVR.

Well, In this post I will offer powerful and easy methods to protect camera wiring. especially outside the home for security.

How to Hide CCTV wires
What is the best and easy way to protect wires from cutting? absolutely hiding the wires from people or thieves’ sight will save and protect the cables.

If you have one of Analog CCTV cameras that use Wires to share data and power by an electrical cable then you may face this problem.

As we already know, the more wires and cables of the CCTV Camera system can extra trouble you will be, first the wires and cables will damage or lose your home decor.

Plus the camera wires can be cut by thieves and stop your surveillance Security system from work.

Also, if you have a CCTV wireless security cameras that sends data by using Network or internet, only use cables and wires for electricity only you also face a problem. When you want to install the wireless CCTV cameras you should look for Power source outlet First.

But, all these issues you can Avoid even if you have a wired security system or wireless system By Hiding the cables. Or by installing a wireless or wire-free security CCTV cameras system.

how to hide cctv wires

Note: If you don’t know what are wire-free security CCTV system we will explain in detail in the next paragraphs.

Here are Easy Tips to how to hide cctv wires

1. Bury The Wires – How to hide cctv wires

Most peoples agree that burying wires in the ground is the best method to hide outdoor CCTV camera wires. Especially if you have more than one camera and the distance between each one is so far.

How To Hide cctv Wires| Bury The Wires
Bury The Wires
In this situation, you can hide and secure the wires that connecting the camera and the systems in the ground. Before you do this perfect method first plan to where you want to place your CCTV and determine the wire route.

Once, you determine the wire route you can choose the short ways to connect devices with each others.

And also it will allow you avoid burying long distance and this takes time. Before buying please Look For Best Electrical for burying wires.

Although this best method is very effective in hiding outdoor security cctv camera wires.

But it has a problem if the burial wire cut by accidentally and your security cctv system stop from working what to do?.

The first step you will do is check the cctv security cameras and then the wires, and to check wires you need to drill and see if the wire cut or not?. For this problem, most peoples prefer other methods of hiding CCTV security camera wire.

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how to hide cctv wires

2. Use Tall Shrub And Tall Fence

The second easy and perfect method for how to hide cctv wires is by using tall shrubs and tall fences existed around the house.

These great physical objects used to protect your home or property from intruders and criminals. You can use it to protect and hide CCTV camera wiring.

How to hide cctv wires | Use Tall Shrub And Tall Fence
Use Tall Shrub And Tall Fence
In the situation of Tall Shrub, you also use it branches to hide cctv camera wirings, and the more you keep the cables and the camera highly secure and the less chance for camera and wires to be damage.

While, Tall fence around the house still a perfect and easy method to hide cameras wire, as it’s able to hide all the wires around your your area. But, in case you choose this method you should have 2- way audio support feature cameras to enable you to talk with anyone try to enter your area.

In addition, to add more secure and hide the cctv wires in the best way you can also paint the wires of the camera by fence color.

In addition, The Painting trick can be used to protectcctv security camera wires inside the home.

Note: This easy method involves drilling through studs and threading the fence. So, If you are not an experienced person in installing cctv security cameras you can contact the Installer expert to do it.

3. Hide Wires In Metal Box

A new best method you can use to hide outdoor CCTV security camera wires is to use Metal Box, The metal box mounting outside on the wall near the cameras. Most peoples think that it’s hard to protect camera wires especially outside.

How To Hide cctv wires | Hide Wires In Metal Box
Hide Wires In Metal Box
Nowadays, you can Hide and Protect camera wires by simply using a Metal Box. In this i will guide to you it will help you to avoid problems of wires. Plus, it will keep wires of the camera away from intruders and criminals.

Once, you installed successfully the metal box on a high wall it’ll be hard for anyone to reach.

In addition, if any person wants to open the box and want to damage the wires the camera will be captured.

Smart IP cameras have a motion sensor and can record clear and good Night vision HD video. So, if anyone or thieves wants to damage the exterior box, the camera will send you Notification Alerts Via mobile app.

Note: if you’re gonna use this easy method you should purchase for high-quality Metal Box that will do both hide and protect camera wires.

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Also, in the case of Bad or rainy weather outside the box will keep your camera wires save from water.

4. Install a protective Tube

How to use a tube to protect camera wires? or how to hide cctv wires outside by using a Tube?.

Well, If you have an outdoor wired CCTV security system that has more than one camera and each camera installed in different places eg, front of your home or back of your home, or on the roof, how to protect the system?.

Is it by Burying the whole wire of the outdoor cctv security system? absolutely Not. As we know outdoor cctv security system installed to monitor the outside area completely.

And to do that a separate cctv camera installed in different places to cover a wide range of cameras and this means large route of wires. But how to Hide these cctv wires?.

To hide the cctv wires of outdoors cameras the best solution is mounting a protective Tube around your home to hide wires. A protective tube must be from plastic to protect cctv wires against electricity.

Note: A protective Plastic Tube needs to be installed by an Expert man who do it perfectly to show the right places to install cameras and to How to hide cctv wires?

If you don’t know how to install that you can search google or YouTube and learn how to install it.

how hide cctv wires

5. Use Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras

As I mentioned above some of the wired outdoor CCTV security cameras cause many problems due to long wires used and some wires can be cut easily by thieves.

To avoid the problem of How to hide CCTV wires outside you can installing a wireless CCTV security camera. and hide the CCTV camera (6 ways to hide the camera) to make the full system protected.

This type of camera uses a few wires that maybe contain one wire for Power and send and receive data through wifi. While some types like Digital CCTV cameras use one cable contain for both power and Data PoE cable.

Wireless CCTV cameras will eliminate problems of camera wiring, Plus it will save time and effort of hiding and protecting wires from peoples. In addition, some outdoor security CCTV cameras save money that you pay for services.
The most perfect solution of Wireless CCTV security cameras you can use is Wire-Free security cameras.
What is a Wire-Free CCTV Security Camera?
Well, Wire-Free security CCTV cameras are a type of wireless CCTV camera that totally wireless and have no wires and have no wire used, So, for this reason, called “Wire-Free CCTV cameras.”

This type of camera sends Data and recorded Videos using Wi-Fi or the internet and uses a Battery or Solar Panel to provide the power camera with using electricity.

Wire-Free small CCTV cameras can be used if you have any problem with using one of the above methods for hiding outside CCTV security camera wires.

Note: Wire-free can be also used indoors if you have children. Most peoples use wire-free cameras inside the home to keep home decor without any damages.

How to Run Security CCTV Camera Wires Outside?

The first section of this post about How to Hide cctv wires outside. While in the second section we explain How To play security camera wires outside.

Before, you running wires of a CCTV security camera if you have a wired security system you need to decide which method you will use to make wires hidden and protect them from peoples. Is it by Bury the wires in-ground, use Protective good Tube, or the other methods?

Once, you decide the method for how to hide cctv wires that suitable for you then we follow the below steps:

Plan the camera wires route before you buy your equipment to hide the wire of the CCTV camera.
After Finish planning for the route of the CCTV wires, you can buy Buy conduits and Bury them in case if you use 1 Method to make wires Hidden.
The planning for the route of wires will Find a short and easy way to bury the conduits in which make the burial process easier.
Make sure you use a wire guard, PVC, or metal conduits to protect camera wires perfectly from humans and animals.
In the case of having a PoE security camera, you will use only one cable, as we mentioned above it provides both data connection and electric power for the camera.

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