How To Use A PS4 Camera on a PC? in 2023 (6 Easy Steps)

How To Use A PS4 Camera on a PC


How Do You Utilize a PS4 Camera on a Computer? Do you have any concerns about streaming with the new PlayStation 4 camera? What if you could add a feature to your console that recognized your face, or a voice chat with your gaming buddies?

Video calls, game streaming, and webchats have all greatly improved in recent years. With XSplit Broadcaster, record and stream your own gameplay to Twitch or any other service using your PlayStation 4 Camera or a camera compatible with your PlayStation 4.

In this situation, you’ll need a PlayStation 4 camera to finish the mission. If you’re worried that using a PS4 camera on your PC would be tough, don’t be; we’ve got you covered. Today I’ll show you How To Utilize A PS4 Camera on a Computer.

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To use the PS4 camera on your PC, connect it to the computer using a 3.0 USB connection, then download and install the OrbisEyeCam Boot Driver. Lastly, in Windows capture, pick PS4 Remote Play and you’re done.


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What is a PS4 Camera– can you use your ps4 camera on pc

What is the PlayStation 4 camera?

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Camera is a device designed specifically for the PlayStation 4. It is meant to work with the two most recent Play Station consoles, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It is both a camera and a motion sensor/detector.

The PlayStation camera, which was released on November 15, 2013, replaces the PlayStation Eye, which was previously available for the PlayStation 3. Its major function is to track the movement of the PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR) headset around the room.

It can capture high-definition video with two cameras that can record at 1280800p or just 720p, focal points with an aperture of f/2.0, a centering distance of 30 cm, and an 85° view field. The camera can work in a variety of settings that are adapted to the user’s needs with the dual camera arrangement.

The camera has a four-channel amplifier that lowers base noise, and future versions may include voice controls. It can connect to the console via a special port on the camera, in addition to recording video in RAW and YUV formats.

Does the PS4 Camera Work on a Computer?

Yes! The PS4 camera is computer-compatible. To use the PlayStation camera on your computer, simply connect it to your computer through USB 3.0, configure LibusbK, and load the firmware.

How to properly configure the PS4 camera on a computer is demonstrated in the steps below.

How to Use PS4 Camera on PC – Steps

Simply follow the instructions for the PS4 camera setup and you’ll be done in no time. Everything is straightforward and self-explanatory.

Step 1: Find a USB 3.0– how can i use my ps4 camera on my pc

The first thing you’ll need to do is locate a USB 3.0 port on your computer. Simply connect your PS4 camera to the USB 3.0 adapter once you’ve located the proper port on your console.

Step2: Configure via Device Manager

To open Device Manager, press the Windows key + R to bring up the run command prompt and type “devmgmt.msc” to start it. Then you must navigate to Device Manager and select USB Boot from the drop-down menu.

Then, in your preferred location, create a new folder and rename it to whatever you want, such as webcam, PS4 camera, or whatever else you want.

You can then open the new folder on your desktop and rename it something like PlayStation4 Camera Driver to make it easier to find.

ps4 camera pc driver

Step 3: Downloading LibusbK or OrbisEyeCam

How To Use A PS4 Camera on a PC?

How To Use A PS4 Camera on a PC

The next step is to download and install all of the necessary installation files, whether they are for LibusbK or OrbisEyeCam. If you prefer to have your own package, you can download LibusbK. If you ask for my opinion, I recommend that you wait until later.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of running your own package, you should start by downloading the file OrbisEyeCam USB_Boot Driver from the Internet.

Don’t be concerned if you come across ucrtbased.dll (Universal Visual C++ Runtime, CRT) in some form or another; this is normal. Visual Studio Parts, in particular, should be taken into consideration. On YouTube, you can easily find a solution to your problem.

If your Windows operating system uses the X64bits working framework, you must download the X64bits version of the software. Additionally, on the off chance that you have a 34-bit operating system, select the X 86 variants.

Links to these files are here

can you use a usb camera on ps4

Step 4: Download PS4 Camera Driver and Setup LibusbK or OrbisEyeCam Driver

Now, download the PS4 camera drivers drivers for Windows and unzip the file to your computer’s hard drive. Once it has finished, run the installDriver.exe programme to complete the installation procedure.

You have two options at this point. It’s possible to configure libusbK if you want to create your own package, or you can configure OrbisEyeCam Driver if you don’t mind using a pre-configured package. OrbisEyeCam is a product that I would recommend.

Step 5: Load Firmware

Run the firmware in the same location as you extracted the OrbisEyeCam firmware. Install the Firmware by running OrbisEyeCameraFirmwareLoader.exe (found in the OrbisEyeCam-masterbin folder).

Step 6: Testing Camera How To Use A PS4 Camera on a PC?

You can test the camera by launching it in the Windows 10 Camera App or another similar app. If your camera is working properly, you can consider yourself in good shape. If not, please accept our apologies; you are having a technical glitch. Please seek the advice of a certified professional in your field.

How to Open/Use a PS4 Camera on Windows 10

Following the completion of the steps necessary to configure the PS4 camera, the next step is to navigate to the Start Menu of the console. Among the other apps, you’ll find the camera app in this section.

If you How To Use A PS4 Camera on a PC? don’t see the camera app, simply type “camera” into the search box and the app will appear. Additionally, if the PC prompts you to “Allow to use Camera,” you must grant permission.

Set Up Live Broadcasting using PS4 Camera on PC

It is possible to use the PS4 camera on a PC as a webcam for streaming and broadcasting if you follow the steps that I will demonstrate in this tutorial. To incorporate a webcam into your streaming, you must first select add camera now from the drop-down menu. Let’s get started with the steps.

Step 1: Download PS4 Remote Play App

Okay, first and foremost, you’ll want to download the PS4 Remote Play application for your computer’s operating system.

So, if you go to Google and type in PS4 Remote Play, then click on the first link that comes up, you will be able to download it for either Windows or Mac, depending on your preference.

can you use a usb camera on ps4

Step 2: Setup PS4 RP and get to work

Okay, so after you’ve downloaded and configured the PS4 Remote Play, the next thing I want you to do is download and install the Share Factory Application. Go to the videos section. You have the option of starting a new project.

Step 3: Setup the track and turn on the camera

use ps4 camera as webcam

Using the X Button, you’ll be taken to the “Track” where you’ll continue your journey. You can see that the camera has been activated from this position. Okay, so from this point on you have complete control over the settings.

If you go to the menu and press square, then camera tuning, you will be able to change the sharpness, contrast, hue, and saturation, as well as other settings.

Step 4: Configure OBS

What I want you to do now is return to OBS, which is where you started. Once you have returned to OBS, what I want you to do is click the plus sign to add a new source.

Step 5: Configure Windows Capture– use ps4 camera as webcam

You will then select Window Capture and then add source from the drop-down menu that appears. You can simply go ahead and add a new source in this manner. Change the name of the file to something else of your choosing.

Step 6: Switch to PS4 Remote Play

As a result, we can see this screen over here. You will now select PS4 Remote Play from the first drop-down menu, which should appear on the screen after you click it. Then click on the Done button.

How To Use A PS4 Camera on a PC

Step 7: Keep the PS4 Remote Play above Display Capture

Just keep in mind that you must place your Remote Play above the Display Capture in the stream setup in order for the camera to be visible. Make sure that you guys are careful with this and that the Remote Display is placed directly above the Display Camera on the computer.

Advantages of using PS4 Camera on PC

Video Broadcasting and Streaming

If you don’t have access to another webcam, you can use the PS4 camera as a webcam for live broadcasting and live to stream, allowing you to present yourself and your gameplay to your fans and followers around the world.

Recognition of Facial Expressions

For many people, facial recognition is one of the most important reasons they choose to use the PlayStation 4 camera, which instantly recognizes your face and logs you into their PC.

Voice commands

are used to guide the user through the process.
Graphical commands are becoming obsolete as technology continues to advance at an exponential rate. Nowadays, people use voice commands to change game settings, search the library, launch or close games, and do a variety of other things by simply speaking words that the computer understands and understands.


To record videos and upload them to your YouTube channel, you can also use the PS4 camera as a regular camera to capture them. This is a better option because you won’t have to worry about hanging a camera or asking anyone to assist you with it because the PS4 camera is simple to fix. Additionally, by connecting a PS4 camera to your PC, you can get excellent video quality.

can you use playstation camera as webcam on pc

Can I use a PlayStation camera as a webcam?

In a nutshell, yes! It is possible to use the PlayStation camera as a webcam. The PS4 will appear in the dropdown menu below the remote play screen on the PC.

Simply connect your webcam and select the PlayStation camera from the drop-down menu to get started. You can use the PS4 camera as a webcam to livestream or broadcast using it in this manner.

How to Improve Audio when streaming using PS4 webcam on PC

If you want to improve the quality of your audio while streaming, you may want to consider using an external professional microphone while using the PS4 camera as a webcam on a computer. It is possible that you will require an Xsplit Broadcaster in conjunction with a PS4 remote Play for this purpose.

Connect the PlayStation 4 camera to your computer’s USB 3.0 port using an adapter.

Please keep in mind that your PC must have a USB 3 port in order to use the PlayStation console camera. It is not compatible with USB 2.0. Perhaps one of these adapters will be required. One of these cables should be used to connect the PS4 camera to your computer. Your Windows PC should play an audio notification informing you that a new device has been connected to the system.

On your computer, go to the Windows Start menu and type “Device Manager” into the search box. Then click on the result.

If you are unable to locate it through a search, look directly within Control Panel.

Check that USB Boot appears under the Other devices section.

If it does not work, or if you are experiencing USB power issues, you can seek assistance from this page.

Then, go here to download the Windows driver that will allow your PS4 camera to function properly.

By the way, we are not liable for the content of any external websites linked to from this one. Make use of it at your own risk.

Once the files have been downloaded, extract them into a folder named PlayStation PS4 Camera Driver or something similar.

Install the driver by running InstallDriver.exe. Complete the installation programme by clicking on the Finish button.

Returning to Device Manager, the USB Boot device should now be visible under the Universal Serial Bus Devices section.

If that doesn’t work, try refreshing the page.

To begin, locate and run Orbis Eye Camera FirmwareLoader.exe, which can be found in the folder where you extracted the downloaded file.

Permission should be granted if Windows asks for it.

The USB Camera-OV580 should now be visible in the Device Manager under the Cameras section of the window.

If it does not appear, try refreshing the page.

Check that the PS4 camera functions properly within any camera application that makes use of a webcam on Windows.

refer to this page for help

Accessories to Make Your PlayStation 4 Camera and Entertainment System Even Better

If you’re a fan of PlayStation VR, we think you’ll appreciate these recommended accessories:

Privacy Shield For Your PS 4 Camera v2

Charging Stand For Your VR Headset (also simultaneously charges the controllers)

PlayStation 4 VR Move Controller & Camera Bundle

After all that, it’s time to get down into the weeds and figure out how to get the PlayStation 4 camera to work on your computer.

What’s Inside A PlayStation 4 Camera?

The PlayStation Camera (PS4 Camera), which was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, is a sophisticated motion sensor camera for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation camera, which was first teased to the public in February 2013, was officially released in November 2013.

With a dual-camera setup, one f/2 lens can be used for recording and the other lens can be used to track motion, and it has a resolution of 1280 x 720.

This particular motion sensor is the same as the one found in the PlayStation VR virtual reality headset kit.

A wide range of devices and operating systems are compatible with the PlayStation 4, including the Xbox One, Mac OS X, most Windows 10 gaming and streaming software, as well as a number of freeware applications.

The PS4 Camera can also be used in conjunction with a PC webcam to record video chats or social media messages, and it can even become an integral part of your gameplay when used in conjunction with programmes such as StreamLabs and XSplit Broadcaster, among others.

A 4-channel array of microphones is integrated into the camera, which reduces the majority of background noise and can recognise and respond to basic voice commands, according to the manufacturer.

Even though the Eyetoy camera was released more than a decade ago, technology has progressed significantly.

ps4 camera software

Update PS4 system software – PlayStation

Is the PS4 camera compatible with the PC?

Yes, the Sony PlayStation 4 camera is compatible with the PC. To connect your camera to your computer, follow the steps outlined in the preceding section.

Streaming Preferences for Broadcasting via PC with the PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 Cameras

Okay, so the camera is already installed and connected to your computer. As a next step, let’s try streaming through the Twitch app or another streaming platform.

When playing, you can share your progress by pressing the share button on the controller. When you choose Broadcast Gameplay from the drop-down menu, you’ll be given the option of choosing either YouTube or Twitch.

You’ll need to create an account (or create a new account). Select “Include Video from the PlayStation Camera” from the Broadcast menu item, which can be found under the Broadcast menu item.

If you want to be able to communicate with your friends via voice command and have voice chat conversations with them, you must select “Include Audio in Broadcast.”

Unless you do this, you will not be able to hear anything because your microphone will not function. It will be nothing more than a glorified USB webcam with no audio.

What’s Inside a PlayStation 4 Camera?

Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation Camera (PS4 Camera) is a sophisticated motion sensor camera for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation camera, which was first teased in February 2013, was finally released in November 2013.

It has a dual-camera setup, with one f/2 lens used for recording and the other lens utilized for motion tracking.

It’s the same motion sensor that’s used in the PlayStation VR virtual reality headset kit.

The PlayStation 4 Camera works with the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac OS X, most Windows 10 gaming/streaming software, and a variety of freeware programs.

The PS4 Camera may also be used in conjunction with PC webcams to capture video chats or social media messages, and it can become an integral part of your games with tools such as StreamLabs and XSplit Broadcaster.

A 4-channel array of microphones included into the camera minimizes the bulk of background noise and can interpret basic spoken instructions.

With the launching of the Eyetoy camera a decade ago, technology has come a long way.

Can You Use PS4 Camera on PC?

Yes, the Sony PS4 camera does work on the PC. step-by-step guide above to connect your camera to the computer.

Opening a PS5 or PS4 Camera in Windows 10

Changing the privacy settings on your camera will enable other apps to use your camera, which will be necessary in order for your camera to function properly with other apps.

1. Settings > Privacy > Camera

2. Check “Let Apps Use My Camera”

Improve the audio quality when streaming PS4 content from a PC webcam.

You may use professional microphones when playing your PS4 camera as a webcam.

You will need this Xsplit Broadcaster and PS4 Remote Play.

  • Remote Play can be enabled by logging in and completing the registration process. If everything goes well, you should be able to see the PS4 screen on your computer’s monitor.
  • Sign up for an Xsplit Broadcaster account or sign in to your existing account. Select the platform on which you want to broadcast and then add the remote play screen.
  • Then, by selecting “Add Camera Now,” you can connect your webcam.
  • Optionally, if you wish to broadcast live, you can select the platform on which you wish to do so.
  • Have a good time!


And that’s all there is to it. Use our comprehensive, step-by-step guide to use a PlayStation 4 camera on a computer. Put to good use the technology from your PlayStation 4 console.

A capture card is not required; instead, you will need some good PS4 games, possibly a PlayStation VR headset, and a lot of technical patience while you get everything set up and running.

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