Do Magnetic Phone Holders Damage Phone

The popularity of phone accessories, such magnetic phone holders, has increased as we use smartphones more frequently in our daily lives. These grips firmly keep your phone in place using a magnet, but there has been some worry about whether they may harm your phone. In this piece, we’ll examine the question of whether magnetic phone holders may harm phones and go over the things to think about while using them. Also, we’ll examine how the technology in contemporary smartphones affects the use of magnetic phone holders. Ultimately, our goal is to arm you with the knowledge you need to decide for yourself whether or not to use a magnetic phone.

Do Magnetic Phone Holders Damage Phone

It’s hardly surprising that there are now more phone accessories on the market given how commonplace smartphones are in our everyday lives. The magnetic phone holder is a common item that may be fastened to a wall, desk, or automobile dashboard to hold your phone firmly in place. Several consumers are worried that since these holders employ magnets, they can harm their phone. This article will discuss magnetic phone holders, whether they may harm phones, and what safety measures you should take when using them.

What is a Magnetic Phone Holder? Do Magnetic Phone Holders Damage Phone

A magnetic phone holder is a device that uses a magnet to securely hold your phone in place. The holder is typically attached to a surface, such as a car dashboard, using a suction cup or adhesive. A metal plate is then attached to the back of your phone or phone case, and this plate is attracted to the magnet in the holder, holding your phone in place.

Do Magnets Damage Phones?

There has been some concern that magnets can damage smartphones, particularly older models with mechanical hard drives. However, the majority of modern smartphones use solid-state technology in their components, such as the storage drives and processors. Solid-state technology is not easily affected by magnetic fields, which means that magnetic phone holders are unlikely to cause any damage to your phone.

In fact, some phone manufacturers, such as Apple, have confirmed that their phones are not affected by magnetic fields. Apple has stated that their iPhone 12 models contain more magnets than previous models, and that the phones are designed to be used with magnetic accessories, such as the MagSafe charger and wallet.

However, while magnetic phone holders are generally safe to use with most smartphones, there are some important factors to consider.

The Strength of the Magnet

The strength of the magnet used in the holder can have an impact on whether it is safe for your phone. If the magnet is too strong, it can interfere with the phone’s internal components, such as the compass, gyroscope, or accelerometer. This can cause issues with the phone’s performance, such as inaccurate readings from the sensors, or difficulty calibrating the compass. In extreme cases, a strong magnet can potentially damage the phone’s components.

The metal plate that attaches to the phone also plays a role in the strength of the magnet. The plate could not be sturdy enough to keep the phone firmly in place if it is too thin or narrow. On the other hand, if the plate is too big or thick, it could obstruct wireless charging on the phone.

To avoid any potential issues with the strength of the magnet, it’s important to choose a magnetic phone holder that is specifically designed for your phone model. Many manufacturers offer phone holders that are tailored to specific phone models, which ensures that the magnet strength is appropriate for your phone.

The Position of the Magnet

The position of the magnet on the holder can also have an impact on the phone’s performance. It’s important to avoid placing the magnet directly over sensitive components, such as the phone’s battery or camera lens. If the magnet interferes with the battery, it can cause the phone to overheat or damage the battery life. If the magnet interferes with the camera lens, it can cause distortion or blur in your photos.

To avoid these issues, it’s recommended to attach the metal plate to the lower half of the phone or phone case, away from the battery and camera lens. This ensures that the magnet is not in direct contact with any sensitive components.


Will Magnetic Phone Mounts Eat Up My Phones Battery Life or Effect Wireless Charging?

Magnetic phone mounts, such as the MobNetic Maxx, do not have any adverse effect on your phone’s battery life. While magnetic force can be utilized for charging some devices, the magnetic fields generated by these mounts are not potent enough to impede wireless charging on your device. It’s also crucial to note that magnetic force does not harm your phone’s battery in any way, so you can use magnetic mounts with complete confidence, without worrying about damaging your device.

However, if you use a device plate with your magnetic phone mount, it’s crucial to exercise caution. The steel plate may obstruct the magnetic fields generated by your device’s wireless charging mechanism, resulting in slower or no charging. To avoid this issue, refrain from using the device plate and opt for our Mag FLEX Plate and Retro Cap instead. These can be used for mounting with or without a wireless charger.


In conclusion, magnetic phone holders are generally safe to use with most modern smartphones. However, it’s important to consider the strength of the magnet and the position of the magnet when using a holder. Choosing a holder that is specifically designed for your phone model can ensure that the magnet

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