Best Cellular Trail Camera for Security – IN 2023

Did you know that trail cameras can be used to secure your home? The use of trail cameras is not limited to hunting; you may install one of these cameras at your house to protect it from wandering wildlife or burglars. Today, we’ll examine the top trail cameras for home security, which you can use to monitor your property or place of business. To assist you in choosing the best security trail camera for your property, we’ll also discuss the unique characteristics that set these trail cameras apart.

Using the best trail cameras for security purposes can help you feel safer and save you a ton of time.

You and your family are protected and under observation thanks to security cameras. However, there are countless hours of footage that occupy storage even when there is little to no activity worth recording. Not to add that you’ll have to manually review the film in the event that a problem occurs.

Benefits of Using A Trail Camera for Security

Using trail cameras for security may be preferable to choosing a standard security camera. The following are some advantages of using a trail camera for security:

High Picture and Video Quality

The majority of trail cameras have outstanding picture and video quality because they are mostly utilized for hunting. For hunters, the quality makes identification simpler, and it can fulfill the same purpose for domestic use. In the event that the recorded film is required, the owner can utilize it to identify the person or animal.

Long Battery Life

Trail cameras are intended for usage outside. They have long-lasting batteries that can be used for several months before needing to be changed as a result. Some trail cameras even have a dual power supply system that enables you to use them continuously for more than a year.

What is a Trail Camera used for?

A trail camera, also known as a remote camera, is a camera that records a picture or an image whenever there is motion in a certain area. Even though they are typically used for tracking game paths and photographing wildlife, these cameras are excellent choices for security.

These cameras work using an infrared ray that, when it is obstructed or broken, triggers the taking of pictures or video. In general, trail cameras can be quite useful for recording certain videos and pictures that are important due to movement.

Buying Guide for Best Trail Camera for Security

Let’s look at some of the characteristics you should think about before examining the finest trail cameras for home security:

1. Power Supply

A good power source is necessary for a security trail camera. This will prevent the trail camera from losing power while it is in use. The majority of trail cameras use durable or rechargeable batteries that can last for months without needing to be recharged. For ease of usage, make sure the trail camera you select has a steady power source.

2. Durability

Since the trail cam will be used outdoors, you must make sure it can endure changes in weather and other environmental factors. Rugged trail cameras have a higher chance of lasting outside without malfunctioning. You can tell which trail cameras are more resistant to damage by looking at the game cam’s design and protection grade. A key aspect of durability is the material the trail cam is built of.

3. Detection Range

For most households, this feature is fantastic. The better it is for your property, the greater the detecting range. The detection range of the trail camera you purchase ought to be at least 50 feet, though it may vary based on the size of the land. To get better coverage, make sure it covers the entire space where you set it up.

4. Ease of Use

You must make sure the trail camera you select is simple to use because it can be challenging to set up and use. Before making a purchase, check to see how simple the setup and control instructions are to follow. Some trail cameras offer mobile apps that can assist with setup and overall control.

5. Price

Before purchasing, make sure the trail cameras give all you need by doing some research on them. You may be able to save money by choosing a trail camera with the same functions as a more expensive one. Prior to making a purchase, consider your budget and the features you want from the trail camera to make sure you receive the best deal.


1. Vikeri 1520P 20MP Trail Camera (My Choice)

Best overall trail camera for security

Brand: Vikeri | Lens Type: ‎Wide-Angle | Video Capture Resolution: 1080p |Weight: ‎0.7 Pounds| Item Dimensions: 5.39 x 3.42 x 2.36 inches

Vikeri trail camera reviews

Despite not being wireless like many other trail cameras, the Vikeri 20MP camera can record high-definition images and videos. The Vikeri trail camera has night vision, is waterproof, and is capable of recording in UHD.

With a 120° Wide Angle Lens to capture the expansive expanse, that area is visibly covered. Additionally, the 48 PCS No Glow Infrared LEDs make sure that the camera is activated and appears to be undetected to the majority of people.

One of the best trail cameras for security and clarity is the Vikeri 20MP camera because it is simple to install.

  • ➕ Great UHD camera quality
  • ➕ Has 28 PCS NO Glow Infrared LEDs for impressive and discrete performance
  • ➕ Easy to install
  • ➖ Goes through batteries quickly

Spartan GoCam (4G/LTE) Verizon Trail Cam

Brand: Spartan | Lens Type: ‎Wide-Angle | Video Capture Resolution: 720p |Weight: ‎ 3.35 lbs | Item Dimensions: 10.47 x 8.31 x 6.77 inches

The Spartan GoCam is perhaps our top choice for the best trail camera for security. You may access photos immediately from the app or computer via the web site thanks to 4G/LTE technology.

In addition, the camera has three PIR sensitivity settings, a field of view of 52 degrees, and a flash range of up to 80 feet. allowing users to specify criteria for the photo that is triggered. With regard to security, the technology’s quick image and video transmission guarantees that you can easily access video while on the road.

Compared to many other security cameras in this price range, the camera’s 30FPS shooting rate is pretty excellent.

  • ➕ Value for money
  • ➕ Functional through the app or web portal
  • ➕ Can shoot up to 30 FPS
  • ➖ Unreliable customer service
  • ➖ Pricey

Vikeri 4K

Trail Camera for Security

Brand: Vikeri | Lens Type: ‎Wide-Angle  | Video Capture Resolution: 2160p | Weight: ‎1.58 Pounds| Item Dimensions: 8.23 x 5.31 x 3.43 inches

The Vikeri 4K does not fall short when it comes to trail cameras for security with night vision. This trail camera offers up to 4K video and 32MP photos, so it ensures crystal-clear shots and videos.

It is appropriate for taking nighttime footage thanks to its strong 40 no glow LEDs. Real-time video is available, and it has strong speakers. This camera can take pictures as soon as it detects motion, which guarantees a prompt and precise capture.

Since this trail camera is IP66 waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, dependability is assured. This camera can recognize things and take pictures or videos with a 120° wide angle.

It is the perfect option for your wildlife monitoring because the non-light LEDs can provide a sufficient light source at a distance of 80 feet while the motion detection module can detect movements at the same distance.

  • ➕ Supports up to 4K video
  • ➕ IP66 waterproof and dustproof
  • ➕ Easy to install
  • ➖ This camera only supports Alkaline batteries

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Camojojo Trace Trail Camera

Brand: Camojojo | Lens Type: ‎Wide-Angle| Video Capture Resolution: 1080p | Weight: ‎0.8 Pounds | Item Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.9 x 2.9 inches

If you’re looking for a trail camera with live stream capabilities and the capacity to deliver full-length recordings, as opposed to other basic trail cameras, Camojojo Trace Trail Camera is an excellent choice. Let’s start by examining the app’s features. If you have numerous cameras, like we have, all it takes is clicking on one of the various cameras to display a list of your active cameras. We appreciate the app’s live function, which is accessible by scrolling down the app.

According to our tests, this live view option, which not all trail cameras provide, is one of the truly great features. We could almost instantly see the live view after a brief loading phase.

We noticed that we are currently able to take pictures or videos. We think this feature is great because it enables us to see the images that our camera is taking.

Additionally, we saw that the firmware was being updated frequently, which significantly improved the camera’s skills, including nighttime illumination, night blur, and motion blur when an animal is moving.

We must underline how quick and easy setup is for this camera because it makes use of NFC technology, which expedites the process. Additionally, we found it straightforward to link our camera to our app thanks to NFC technology.

The photographs and videos it provided us with during the summer and even during the winter left us in awe of the clarity and distance with which we could observe the trigger distance and the trigger speed. The given mount is made of plastic, however we found that it appears to be a very sturdy plastic that we can easily

Additionally, we saw that the firmware was being updated frequently, which significantly improved the camera’s skills, including nighttime illumination, night blur, and motion blur when an animal is moving.

We must underline how quick and easy setup is for this camera because it makes use of NFC technology, which expedites the process. Additionally, we found it straightforward to link our camera to our app thanks to NFC technology.

The photographs and videos it provided us with during the summer and even during the winter left us in awe of the clarity and distance with which we could observe the trigger distance and the trigger speed.

The given mount is made of plastic, however we found that it appears to be a very sturdy plastic that we can easily Even though the supplied mount is made of plastic, we found that it appears to be a very sturdy plastic that we can easily strap to the tree and place the trail camera on. When placing these cameras high in trees, this device also provides four flexibility for tilting back in front, which was really helpful to us.

The only issue we found during our testing was that the live view functionality didn’t work well when utilized in regions with poor signal strength. There are further characteristics that make it unique, one of which being the possibility of the camera sending footage straight to the app for download, in contrast to many other trail cameras that only do so upon request. Overall, this trail camera is the best option if you’re looking for one that fits your budget.

  • ➕ Supports up to 3K resolution photos
  • ➕ Build-in SIM card
  • ➕ IP66 waterproof and dustproof
  • ➕ Faster trigger time
  • ➖ In locations with poor signal quality, the live view feature might not work well

Meidase P60 Trail Camera

Brand: Meidase | Lens Type: Optical lens | Video Capture Resolution: 1296p| Weight: ‎1.12 Pounds |  Item Dimensions: 7.17 x 4.69 x 3.31 inches

The Meidase P60 Trail Camera utilizes high-end optical components and processors to create images and films in high resolution, and motion sensors are tuned for accurate detection performance.

The trigger speed for this trail camera is 0.1 seconds. This trail camera for security has a flash range of up to 100 feet, making it ideal for recording photos and video at night. A more potent video processor in the P60 allows for the production of 1296p video at 30 frames per second.

It has a camera with a larger optical lens with an aperture of f/1.6 and more advanced infrared LEDs. This camera is simple to set up and works well for deer trail cameras outside.

  • ➕ HD video and image
  • ➕ Improved night vision
  • ➕ Intuitive menu system
  • ➖ Needs improvement in sound quality

WOSPORTS Trail Camera


Brand: KJK | Lens Type: ‎Wide-Angle  | Video Capture Resolution: 1080p | Weight: ‎1.57 Pounds| Item Dimensions: 5.44 x 3.8 x 2.66 inches

This WOSPORTS trail camera has a built-in 2-inch LCD color screen that lets you quickly see the images it has taken. There are three recording options supported by it: photo, video, and photo + video.

During the night, this trail camera’s 120-degree wide lens and 32 no-glow infrared LEDs generate sharp, clear images. You can record every moment with this trail camera because to its quick 0.25 trigger speed, three sensitive sensors, and quick shutter speed.

The motion sensor module can detect motion up to 85 feet away, while the non-light LEDs can provide adequate lighting at a distance of 80 feet. It has a cutting-edge IP66 waterproof design for usage outside, and it is also shockproof and dustproof.

  • ➕ Captures 80-feet distance
  • ➕ Portable
  • ➕ Night vision
  • ➖ Doesn’t come with a remote

WOSODA Trail Camera

Brand: WOSODA | Lens Type:  ‎Wide-Angle  | Video Capture Resolution: 1920p | Weight: ‎0.7 Pounds| Item Dimensions: 5.7 x 4.3 x 3.2 inches

The WOSODA Trail Camera is a fantastic choice for outdoor wildlife security because it can record movies in 1920P resolution and take photos with a resolution of 24MP, resulting in gorgeous, vivid images and clear sounds.

Its lightning-fast trigger speed of 0.2s allows it to identify each action swiftly and precisely. This trail camera includes three PIR sensors to improve sensitivity. With its 120-degree wide detecting range, you may get a beautiful, wider view.

The camera’s 2.0-inch LCD color screen lets you watch crisp, complete images and videos right on the device. They are simple to alter and perfect for tracking the development of plants or animal behaviors.

  • ➕ Lightning trigger speed of 0.2s
  • ➕ Fast and accurate
  • ➕ Easy to operate
  • ➖ Video quality is not up to par.

Browning Strike Force HD BTC 5 Trail Camera

Brand: Browning | Lens Type: Lens Mount‎ | Video Capture Resolution: 720p |Weight: ‎0.99 ounces | Item Dimensions: ‎‎9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches

There are a lot of trail cameras for security available, but the Browning Strike Force HD BTC 5 is undoubtedly amazing when it comes to solutions that store your data locally. with a 120-foot flash radius and a 120-foot motion sensing range.

This camera has a 0.22-second trigger speed, is portable and light, and has simple controls. This remarkable camera boasts distinctive characteristics while having a somewhat greater price than its rivals.

By using the motion detection feature, users can review recorded video while only highlighting any instances of movement. In addition, it offers useful features like frame-by-frame progress, screenshots, and saving.

Even though this camera has a hefty price tag, it is unquestionably among the top trail cameras for security on this list.

Moultrie Mobile Exo Cellular

Moultrie Mobile consistently delivers the greatest trail cameras for home security. The cell’s 42-degree field of vision allows for the capture of incredibly clear photos and videos. You may be confident that the film recorded at night will be well lit by its indiscernible flash, which has a range of 70 feet.

A free mobile app that is packed with functions supports the phone camera. You may set up 20 pins on your property to scout it for security purposes, and there is limitless cloud storage for images. Additionally, it contains a capability for species recognition that classifies and identifies various species.

Reconyx Hyperfire 2 HS2XC

The Hyperfire 2 HS2XC makes it simpler to secure a trail camera for security purposes. The webbing strap on this trail camera makes fastening it simpler. The game camera can be fixed to a post or a tree so that it is out of reach.

The 4G LTE capabilities of the Hyperfire 2 enables cellular coverage. Users can now receive photos and videos no matter where they are. If you are near an internet connection, the smartphone app makes sending and receiving the footage simple.

Through the app, the trail cam settings can also be changed. The state of the camera can also be checked to determine when a charge is required. All of this is possible remotely, and the Hyperfire 2 is the finest trail cam for field or home security because it allows for instantaneous footage from any location.


Can Trail Cameras Be Used As Security Cameras?

There are numerous uses for trail cameras. They can be used for security purposes and wildlife observation in addition to the common usage of hunting.

Due to their superb surveillance capabilities, trail cameras provide a great security choice. By placing it around a property in a distant region, it can aid in keeping an eye out for trespassers and give users piece of mind because they can keep an eye on a property on a linked device.

How Do I Choose A Good Trail Camera For Security?

When selecting the best trail camera for security, it’s important to take into account the detecting range, power supply, and flash. This will make it possible for it to record well-lit video at a distance.

What Is the Difference Between A Security Camera And A Trail Camera?

The main distinction between the two surveillance techniques is that one can provide a continuous video feed to a connected device, whereas the other simply records video when activated. Additionally, compared to security cameras, the trail camera is simpler to install and operate.

How to Pick the Best Trail Camera for Security?

The factors we’ll explore below play a major role in helping you choose the best trail camera for security.

Choosing the best trail camera for security involves considering several important factors to ensure it meets your specific needs and provides reliable surveillance. Here’s a guide to help you pick the right trail camera for security:

  1. Image Quality:
  • Resolution: Higher resolution cameras capture clearer images. A resolution of at least 12 megapixels is recommended for security purposes.
  • Night Vision: Look for cameras with infrared (IR) LEDs for clear night-time photos and videos.
  1. Detection Range:
  • The camera’s detection range is crucial for capturing activity at a distance. Consider your property size and select a camera with an appropriate detection range.
  1. Trigger Speed:
  • Faster trigger speeds (typically under 0.5 seconds) ensure that the camera captures images as soon as motion is detected, reducing the chance of missing important events.
  1. Recovery Time:
  • A shorter recovery time means the camera can take subsequent photos more quickly. This is essential if you expect multiple events in quick succession.
  1. Field of View (FOV):
  • A wide FOV is important for capturing a broader area. Some cameras offer adjustable FOV options.
  1. Battery Life:
  • Longer battery life is beneficial for security cameras placed in remote locations. Consider cameras with low power consumption and options for external power sources.
  1. Storage:
  • Trail cameras usually use SD cards for storage. Choose a camera that can support larger capacity cards if you require extended recording.
  1. Cellular Connectivity:
  • Some trail cameras offer cellular capabilities, allowing you to receive real-time alerts and access images remotely. This is particularly useful for security in remote areas.
  1. Durability:
  • Look for cameras with weather-resistant and durable construction to withstand the elements and potential tampering.
  1. Security Features:
    • Some trail cameras come with password protection or encryption to secure your images and videos.
  2. Mounting Options:
    • Ensure the camera is easy to mount or secure in your desired location. Many models come with straps, mounts, and other attachment options.
  3. App Compatibility:
    • Cameras with companion apps for remote monitoring and image retrieval can be convenient for security purposes.
  4. Brand and Model:
    • Consider reputable brands known for producing reliable trail cameras. Read reviews and ask for recommendations to find the best models for security.
  5. Budget:
    • Set a budget and find a camera that offers the best features within your price range. Remember that a more expensive camera may provide better performance and durability.
  6. Legal Considerations:
    • Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations regarding surveillance cameras, including obtaining necessary permissions if required.
  7. Test and Adjust:
    • Once you’ve chosen a trail camera, perform regular tests and adjustments to ensure it captures the desired footage. This includes optimizing placement and settings.

Remember that security is a crucial aspect of your property, so invest in a trail camera that suits your specific needs and offers reliable performance in your chosen location.

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