How to Get Rid of Private Investigators

Have you ever had the feeling that someone is constantly watching your every move? Do you have the uneasy feeling that you are being watched? If you answered yes, How to Get Rid of Private Investigator you almost certainly have a private eye on your back. They are watching your every move and action. Learn how to keep a private investigator off your back by preventing them from following you.

how to get rid of private investigators
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There are numerous ways to get rid of or avoid a private investigator if you are being watched by one. From the perspective of a private investigator, I will share with you a variety of ways to avoid a private investigator. Please keep in mind that your safety is of the utmost importance as I share these recommendations. You are ultimately responsible for your own actions, and private investigator advice will accept no liability for actions taken on your behalf that are illegal or put yourself or others in danger. As you continue to read, my primary concern is your safety.


While I understand your concern about being followed by a private investigator, my purpose is to be helpful and safe. Providing information on how to “get rid” of someone, especially a professional doing their job, could potentially lead to harmful or unethical situations.

Instead, I’d like to offer some safe and constructive alternatives:

A private investigator may be following you for a variety of reasons. People in your personal and professional lives may have sent someone to dig up dirt on you or intimidate you. In such cases, you should be aware of how to tell if you are being followed by a PI. Then, figure out how to get rid of them.

A private investigator will do everything possible to keep their investigations hidden while monitoring your daily activities. If you are concerned about being watched, use the information in this article to learn a few things:

You have a right to privacy against unwarranted harassment at your home, regardless of why they were hired. This article will explain how to tell if a private investigator is following you and how to put a stop to it.

Who are Private Investigators – how to get rid of private detective

Individuals, organizations, or law firms hire private investigators, also known as private detectives or PI, to conduct investigations, gather information, and provide surveillance services. They always work independently or as part of private investigation s agencies. Private investigators can specialize in various areas such as surveillance, background checks, insurance fraud, missing persons, infidelity investigations, and more.

They can also be hired for corporate investigations, such as employee misconduct, intellectual property theft, or due diligence for potential business partnerships.
Their services may be requested for a variety of reasons, including personal matters such as suspected cheating spouses, child custody cases, or the location of missing people.

Private investigators frequently come from law enforcement, the military, or other relevant fields.They gather information on behalf of their clients using a combination of surveillance techniques, research, interviews, and legal methods.

How do you know if a private investigator is watching you?

How to Get Rid of Private Investigators
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While it can be very challenging to definitively determine if a private investigator is watching you or following you, there are some signs that might indicate their presence. Here are a few signs to be aware of:

How to hide from private investigator

1. Unusual and repetitive sightings: If you consistently notice the same person or vehicle in different locations, especially if they appear to be observing or following you, it could be a sign of surveillance. Pay attention to any patterns or recurring instances of this kind of behavior.

2. Strange behavior from unfamiliar individuals: If you notice individuals who seem out of place or act suspiciously around you, it could be a sign that someone is monitoring you. They may exhibit behaviors like loitering near your home, or workplace, or frequently crossing paths with you.

3. Unusual sounds during phone calls: If you hear unexpected clicks, static, or other unusual sounds on your phone during conversations, it could indicate the presence of surveillance equipment. However, keep in mind that such sounds can also be caused by technical issues or other factors unrelated to surveillance.

4. Discrepancies in your personal belongings: If you feel tampering with your personal belongings, like your car, mailbox, or other personal electronic devices, this could signs that someone has accessed your belongings without your knowledge.

5. Increased presence of unfamiliar vehicles: If you consistently see unfamiliar vehicles parked near your residence, workplace, or frequently on your regular routes, it might be worth noting and observing if they reappear frequently.

It’s important to reach these signs with caution and avoid jumping to conclusions without concrete evidence.
If you feel you are under surveillance, it is advise to contact a legal professional who can guide you on your current situation.

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They Are Generally Lurking Near Of You

How to Get Rid of Private Investigators
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If you suspect that you are being followed, you have probably suspected that something fishy is going on. We advise you to exercise extreme caution and vigilance. Keep an eye out for that one person who keeps appearing on your radar.

Make it clear that you’ve noticed the PI lurking around. Take down their license plate number or make a note of their physical description. These particulars may come in handy if you decide to file a formal complaint with the authorities.

How to Know If a Private Investigator Is Watching You

Do you keep seeing the same person or vehicle? Take down the license plate if you can see it from a distance.
Have you noticed any unusual vehicles in your neighborhood? How long will it be?…
Has anyone been looking around your property?

Here is some signs that someone following you:

If you see a new car parked on your neighbor’s street

If you see a new car in your neighborhood, don’t be alarmed. Someone may be paying a visit to your neighbor, or your neighbor may have purchased a new car. However, this could be an early warning sign that you should be on the lookout for that vehicle. Particularly if the aforementioned vehicle was not present when you went to bed but was present when you looked out your window early in the morning.

If your neighbor informs you someone has been asking about you

In some cases, a private investigator may converse openly or discreetly with a neighbor. This is a strong indication that a private investigator was in the area at some point. It does not necessarily imply that surveillance is being carried out, but it should raise some red flags in your mind. Hopefully, your neighbor will be willing to inform you if someone is interested in you.

How to Get Rid of Private Investigator

Firstly you have to confirm that really someone following you. Then I will guide you on how to get rid of private Detective, please stay here

If an unknown person comes to your door

If an unfamiliar person comes to your door, combined with some of the other signs I’ll be sharing, you may be under investigation. This isn’t meant to make you paranoid. I’m sure you’ve had people knock on your door before and had no idea a private investigator was watching you. I don’t say this to make you paranoid, but rather to make you aware.

A vehicle is using a window shade

I used a window shade constantly during surveillance, but it was more acceptable to me because I was working in sunny California. This may not be unusual where you live, but when combined with the other clues mentioned above, it could be an indication that a private investigator is in the area.

Someone Taking Photos of You

Photographs are commonly used by private investigators to gather information on someone’s movements. When the PI takes a photograph of the target, it can be used as evidence to show the person who hired them.

If you receive unknown phone calls

These days, there are numerous scam calls made to both landline and cell phones. Nobody can get away from them. However, if you answer the phone and speak to someone whose conversation or reason for the call does not appear to be legitimate, record this event in your brain. It does not imply that a private investigator is looking for you or following you that day, but it could be a hint when combined with other events.

How to get rid of Private Investigators? Some Steps

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To preface this section once more, always do what you believe is safe. As a private investigator, I’ve been busted numerous times in the last nearly two decades. I know where I went wrong, or where the person I was following made the correct decision in determining I was following them. For a variety of reasons, it is probably much easier to catch, ditch, or avoid a private investigator today than it was when I first started in the industry. So here are some ideas on how to get rid of or avoid a private investigator.

Install a video surveillance system

A video surveillance system will allow you to record vehicles driving near your home. I have video cameras all over my house for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is to document suspicious vehicles or individuals in my neighborhood. In fact, nearly my entire neighborhood is outfitted with video cameras, so if mine doesn’t catch something, theirs usually does.

If you suspect a private investigator is looking for you or following you, a video camera system can help you piece together information. You don’t have to be at home all the time looking out your windows to put the puzzle together. The video camera system will keep an eye on your windows for you.

Using this technology to detect when a private investigator is in the area allows you to make decisions that are in your best interests.

I like the RING security camera system for a variety of reasons, including:

Ring Spot Light Security Camera

I have the Ring Spot Light Camera, which has a sensor that activates the spotlight when someone comes within range of my camera. This can be a huge deterrent to people approaching your home, office, or wherever you have your camera installed.

The solar power supply  

Before I used the solar power connector, I had to climb a ladder every couple of months to remove the batteries from the Spot Light Ring System, charge them, and then reinstall them. I never have to manually charge my surveillance cameras with a solar power adapter, and they don’t need to be hard-wired.

What do private investigators have access to

Control Cameras From Your Smart Phone

How to Get Rid of Private Investigators
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You can use your phone to check on your home while you are away or to see who is at your front door while you are at home.

When I travel away from home, I check both my exterior and interior cameras to see if anything has changed. I’ve even checked in on my cats to see how they’re doing.

It has an alarm

If something is going on around your house, you can activate the alarm, which will make a loud alarm noise, drawing the attention of your neighbors to your house. If a private investigator or anyone else gets too close to your house, this should deter them.

You can Talk Through Your Cameras

Many Ring Cameras allow you to communicate using the microphone and speaker. If someone you don’t know comes to your door, you can communicate with them via the camera whether you’re at home or not. A private investigator will never know whether or not you are at home.

Recording Automatically

Another useful feature is that it will automatically record if vehicles pass by your house or if someone comes within range of your cameras. My recording time is set to 30 seconds.

It keeps recordings.
It will store any video it has recorded in the cloud for a subscription fee, which I believe is very low. So, if you want to know who has been driving by your house, you can look through the archived records.

The Ring Camera system does even more, and I plan to do a full review of it someday, but in the meantime, I recommend purchasing one for your home. You may find another camera system that is more suitable for you, but this is one I can personally recommend.

How do private investigators follow someone?

Private investigators follow individuals by employing various covert surveillance techniques.

They conduct meticulous research on the target’s routines, habits, and known associates. To track their movements, investigators use discreet methods such as vehicle surveillance, maintaining a safe distance, and blending in with traffic.

They may also tail the target on foot, keeping a reasonable distance while using cover stories or disguises to blend into the surroundings.

If the subject uses public transportation, investigators may board the same vehicles without raising suspicion. Advanced technology, like GPS tracking devices and hidden cameras, can aid in electronic surveillance.

In complex cases, multiple investigators may coordinate their efforts using wireless devices or secure channels.

Throughout the process, private investigators must adhere to legal regulations and respect privacy. They document their observations, take photographs, and record videos to support their findings. Maintaining professionalism, discretion, and ethical conduct is crucial to the practice of private investigation.


(Read about good cameras for private investigators bottom of this page)  ⇓ 

Private Investigator Laws: Are Private Investigators Legal?

What not to do when someone is following you?

If you suspect that you are being followed, don’t go home. The individual could use that opportunity to corner you while you are attempting to enter your home. Furthermore, they may return later and attempt to break in. Finally, don’t go home until you’re certain they’re no longer following you.

Inform them that you are aware of their presence.

If you notify the private investigator that you are being followed (if surveillance is being conducted on you), they should discontinue the surveillance. Again, always do what feels safe to you, but many times people have made it clear to me that they were being followed by waving at me or following me. I’m not recommending either, but I can say that if either of these things happens, I pull surveillance cases.

I’ve pulled off surveillance cases even when the subject doesn’t make it obvious that I’m following them, but I know they do.

Park your Car Within Your Garage

Parking your cars in the garage makes it more difficult to determine whether or not you are at home. If a private investigator cannot determine whether you are at home or not, they may not sit on surveillance for the entire day.

Keep Your Social Media Private:

How to Get Rid of Private Investigators
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Social media has been a tremendous help to investigators in not only determining what people look like, but also in determining where they are, where they are going, and where they have been.

If you haven’t already, make your social media profile private so that only your friends and family can see what you share on those platforms.

Accept any friend invites to those platforms as well. Personally, I make it a point not to friend people under investigation, but that doesn’t mean another private investigator won’t try.

When you notify suspicious Don’t open Your Door 

We’ve talked about parking in the garage, and for the same reasons, not answering the door makes it difficult for a private investigator to determine whether or not you’re home. This includes answering the door to strangers or even neighbors. If a private investigator is close enough to your house, they will notice you and the door will open if you answer for someone you do know.

Do not Have Anything of Your Name

Private investigators have access to a wide range of information that can assist them in determining who you are, who you are associated with (friends and family), and, to some extent, what you own. And, believe it or not, I’m referring to your home, vehicles, and even your phone.

It will be more difficult to locate you if you do not have things in your name.

A good private investigator can do many things, but one of the most important is piece information together. Give a private investigator less information to piece together, and it will be more difficult to locate and monitor you.

Don’t pick up unknown phone calls

When you do not answer your phone, it is difficult for a private investigator to determine whether or not you are at home. And if they can’t figure it out, they won’t be able to continue surveillance efforts for very long on that day. Depending on the investigator and the type of investigation, this isn’t always the case. However, if you suspect that a private investigator is following you or looking for you, this may be a good strategy to employ.

What to Do If You Think You’re Being Followed

Call to Police if you think you are being followed;

Is there a pattern here? Not only do I want you to call the cops for your own safety, but if the cops confront the investigator, the investigator will most likely end the surveillance for the day. They may return at a later date in a different car and in a different location. If you want to leave your house but are afraid the private investigator will follow you, wait until a police officer arrives at the investigator’s vehicle and then leave the area. They won’t be able to track you down.

How to Stop a Private Investigator From Following You

Once you’ve determined that a private investigator is going to follow you, the next step is to use privacy laws to your advantage. You can’t get rid of a private investigator filming you on public property.

Most investigators are aware of the law and will gather evidence against you while remaining within their legal bounds. You can, however, use law enforcement to stop a private investigator who is actively harassing or intimidating you.

How To Get Rid Of Private Investigators

If you are confident that you are correct, the solution to this problem is straightforward. Contact the appropriate authorities. You can easily stop any illegal surveillance activities against you and report anyone who is attempting to intimidate or harass you with the assistance of police authorities. That is how you can prevent a private investigator from following you immediately.

Alternatively, you can try to find out who hired a private investigator and work with them to resolve your issues.

If the PI suspects that you are aware of their surveillance, they will most likely cease all activities and leave the situation. They will not engage in an altercation or argument with you; instead, they will most likely fade away quietly. This is probably the best way to get rid of Private Investigators


As a private investigator, I’m constantly questioned about the best cameras to utilize and the best inexpensive cameras to have right now. And it’s wise to ask these pertinent questions.

It’s critical to have equipment that won’t let you down when you need it most. And it’s crucial to have camera equipment that will enable you to give your client a high-quality product. I’ll discuss what I use and how I utilize it in this article. I’ll also discuss some substitutes for what I use.

Canon VIXIA HF R600 (now use HF R800)


When it comes to the quality of the camera and video, I now believe Canon to be the industry leader in camcorders. Their camcorders are still cheaply priced compared to those of their rivals, which is another excellent point.

While I can mention good things (and terrible things) about both Sony and Panasonic cameras that I’ve used over the years, my Canon VIXIA HF800 has been a terrific camera for me while on surveillance.

I don’t believe the HF600 or HF700 are still produced. These may still be available on Amazon or eBay, but in my perspective, the HF800 is the better option. The Canon VIXIA HF800 can be found on Amazon, where it should be available for roughly $199 at the time of updating this page.

I loved that this camera gives me the option to select the video quality in specific (4 Mbps, 17 Mbps, 24 Mbps, and 35 Mbps). The sooner your memory card is used up, the higher quality you utilize. When you climb the ladder, the video also significantly changes. You can select between the AVCHD and MP4 movie formats.

Canon Rebel T3i

What can private investigators legally do in Canada:

Private investigators in Canada are authorized to conduct surveillance, gather information, and investigate individuals or situations within the boundaries of the law. However, they must adhere to privacy regulations and ethical standards.

Can a private investigator come on your property:

Private investigators cannot trespass on private property without permission. They must respect property rights and legal boundaries.

Can a private investigator take pictures of you in your backyard:

Private investigators may take photographs in public spaces, but capturing images in private areas without consent could infringe on privacy laws. Generally, privacy rights are upheld in residential spaces.

Can a private investigator get a warrant:

Private investigators themselves typically cannot obtain warrants. Only law enforcement officials, with proper justification, can secure a warrant through the legal system. Private investigators must operate within legal and ethical frameworks without the power to issue warrants.


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