The Best Above Ground Pool Pad – 10 Pads Reviewed for 2021

The Best Above Ground Pool Pad - 10 Pads Reviewed for 2021

Above-ground pools are a low-cost and simple way to spend time with your family during the summer months at home. They are an excellent choice for anyone looking to cool off in the summer because of their reasonable price, simple setup, and straightforward operation (and have a blast doing it).

You should be ready to go once you’ve constructed your walls, laid the liner, and filled the container with water, right? No, not at all. Above-ground pool liners are finicky creatures who require a little assistance as well as protection from the harsh elements of the environment. Above-ground pool pads come in handy in this situation.

One of the most effective ways to protect your above-ground pool is to lay down a pool pad before you put in your liner and cover. These small but incredibly useful accessories will save you time and money while also extending the life of your liner.

Top Picks For Best Above Ground Pool Pad

Horizon Ventures HV/LA-18 Round 1...Horizon Ventures HV/LA-18 Round 1…

GLI 70-0024RD-BLK-160 Round Armor...GLI 70-0024RD-BLK-160 Round Armor…

Splash Net Express Gorilla Floor...Splash Net Express Gorilla Floor…

Rhino Pad 24-Foot Round Pool Liner...Rhino Pad 24-Foot Round Pool Liner…

Liner Life Pre-Cut Swimming Pool...Liner Life Pre-Cut Swimming Pool…
24 ft Round Pool Liner Pad,...24 ft Round Pool Liner Pad,…

Blue Wave 15-Feet Round Liner Pad...Blue Wave 15-Feet Round Liner Pad…

What Is An Above-Ground Pool Pad?

As the name implies, an above-ground pool pad is a specialised piece of fabric that is intended to protect your swimming pool liner from punctures caused by rocks, roots, or grass. Using a pool pad, you can protect your pool liner and the entire pool from bugs, debris, and other things that could damage the liner and cause it to leak.

Pool pads are made of a geotextile material, which is typically a polypropylene blend that has the appearance and feel of felted material. This is not the felt that your children use for arts and crafts, on the other hand. In order to maximise the lifespan of your pool liner, it is made of an extremely durable material that is woven to withstand punctures, weed growth, strong roots, and even pieces of glass.

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Why You Need An Above-Ground Pool Pad

An above-ground pool can be a fun and enjoyable addition to any backyard, but the moment you experience a leak, the party is over for the night!

Picture yourself getting ready to jump into your pool on a hot summer day when you notice a tear in the liner, which allows water to leak out everywhere. What would you do? Summer has been ruined! Pool liners are delicate items that are prone to tearing at the most inconvenient of times. The pool pads come in to save the day in this situation.

In the case of an above-ground pool, it may appear as if the pool is constantly under attack from the ground itself. Besides having to contend with all of the sharp pointy objects such as rocks and sticks, you’ll also have to contend with insects, debris, corrosion, and other pests that try to get into your pool on a regular basis. Moisture can be just as damaging as the rest of the elements combined.

When you use an above-ground pool pad, you’re essentially providing a suit of armour for your pool liner in its battle against the environment. This simple, yet effective shield will keep your pool looking and feeling its best for longer periods of time while saving you money and frustration over time.

What To Consider When Buying An Above Ground Pool Pad

What Size Pool Do You Have?

When purchasing an above-ground pool pad, the first thing to consider is the size of your swimming pool. Get a pool pad that will fit your pool more or less perfectly, with only a small amount of overhang around the perimeter. What kind of person would buy a set of king-size sheets for a twin-sized bed? Certainly not.

How Do You Know What Kind Of Surface Your Pool Is On?

Some pool pads perform best on concrete foundations, while others perform admirably on grassy or rocky lawns. When reading the specifications for each pool pad, you’ll notice that some only recommend using the pad on top of a layer of sand, while others recommend using the pad underneath a layer of sand. Consider the location of your pool and the type of pool pad that would be most appropriate for your backyard.

What Kind Of Climate Do You Have Where You Live?

If you are a pool owner who lives in a wet or humid climate, it may be worthwhile to consider installing a water-resistant or mold/mildew-resistant pool pad beneath your above-ground pool to keep it dry. Whether it’s moisture from the ground or heavy rain, a pool pad’s felt-like material can suffer from the effects of both.

Make sure to look for above-ground pool pads made of synthetic materials that have been specifically advertised as having mildew and water-resistance capabilities to avoid disappointment. This will increase the longevity of your pool pad and allow you to save money in the long term.

Do you have a swimming pool that is heated? (Do you want to keep the temperature of your pool at a comfortable level?)

Some above-ground pool pads are specifically designed to reduce convective heat loss from your pool’s water to the ground, which is extremely cold in the winter. Make sure to look for a pool pad that is up to the task if you live in a cold climate and want to retain as much heat as possible in your pool water.

Top Tips For Choosing The Best Above Ground Pool Pad

The selection of pool pads isn’t going to be particularly extensive, but there are a few key characteristics that you should look for before making your purchase.

  • Durability: The most important function of a pool pad is to protect the liner of your swimming pool. First and foremost, you should look for a pad that is well-constructed and long-lasting.
  • Permeability: A breathable pool pad is a happy pool pad (and one that is free of mould). On a pool pad, the tighter the weave is, the more water condensation will be allowed to form, resulting in mould, mildew, and, in the case of a steel frame pool, corrosion.
  • Cushioning: Cushioning is a secondary benefit to liner protection, but it is a welcome addition, especially if your above-ground pool is situated on a rock or gravel foundation. Most pool pads are fairly thin and won’t provide the same level of comfort as walking on memory foam, but they will provide a small amount of cushioning for sensitive feet.
  • Convenience: While an easy installation is not the primary consideration when it comes to pool pads, it is a significant plus. Finding a pool pad that meets all of your requirements is the ultimate goal!

Best Above Ground Pool Pad Reviews

GLI Round Armor Shield Floor Pad

Best Above Ground Pool Pad

  • This armor shield floor pad provides an important…
  • Armor shield is a polypropylene geotextile…
  • Armor shield also reduces convective heat loss and…

The GLI Armor Shield above-ground pool pad serves as an important protective layer between a vinyl swimming pool liner and the sand or soil base beneath the pool surface. Made of a durable polypropylene geotextile material, it protects the vinyl liner from cuts and punctures caused by rocks, roots, grass, and even glass.

It is designed to last for years. Armor Shield also helps to reduce convective heat loss and serves as a comfortable floor pad for tired feet when walking on hard surfaces. It is available in a number of different shapes and sizes to accommodate your pool.

  • Fits true to size, no cutting or fitting involved
  • Sturdy material like felt that prevents sharp objects from penetrating the liner
  • Easy to install with single-piece construction
  • Prevents pool footprints in your yard
  • Protects your pool liner but is a bit thinner than advertised
  • A bit wrinkled on arrival but flattens if dampened

Gorilla Above Ground Pool Pad- best above ground pool liner pad

Best Above Ground Pool Pad

Splash Net Express Gorilla Floor…

  • Gorilla floor padding cut to your above ground…
  • Sits underneath your pool liner for added…
  • Extremely hard to penetrate – specially designed..

With the strong, soft, and super-durable Gorilla Floor Padding, you can extend the life of your pool liner and preserve the appearance of your above-ground swimming pool.

This floor pad is intended to be used underneath your pool liner, providing additional cushioning and protection to help extend the life of your pool liner.

It is available in two sizes. In addition to providing additional cushioning to eliminate footprints and protection against leaks and cuts to pool liners, Gorilla Padding geotextile is made of a long-lasting, felt-like material. It is available in a number of different sizes and shapes.

  • Thin but very durable material
  • Easy installation
  • Soft cushioning to walk on
  • Seamed around the edges for added strength
  • Slightly larger than advertised size, can be cut to fit
  • Only comes with a 90-day warranty

Horizon Ventures Above Ground Pool Pad

Best Above Ground Pool Pad

Horizon Ventures HV/LA-18 Round 1…

  • Water resistant synthetic polyester felt
  • Easy to install – no cutting or taping
  • Works like a carpet underpad. cushions and…

Above-ground pool pads, such as the Horizon Ventures Above-Ground Pool Pad, function similarly to carpet underpads in that they provide soft, smooth floor pads beneath pool liners to protect them from damage caused by roots, stones, and coarse sand.

Constructed of a single piece of water-resistant synthetic material, this pool cover comes pre-cut to fit most standard round and oval pool sizes.

  • Water-resistant synthetic material will last the life of your pool liner
  • Thin but very sturdy
  • Inexpensive and easy to install
  • May require some cutting to size properly

Rhino Pad Above Ground Round Pool Liner Pad

Best Above Ground Pool Pad

Rhino Pad 24-Foot Round Pool Liner…

  • Protect your liner – this pool liner pad is made…
  • Above ground pool pad – the liner guard creates…
  • Fits your pool size – there is no need for tape…

Approximately 45 percent of the Rhino Above Ground Pool Pad is made from post-consumer and 45 percent from industrial recycled material, resulting in a high-quality geotextile fibre. Furthermore, it not only provides cushioning, but it also helps to create a more level surface and protects your pool liner from damage.

The liner guard provides the most comprehensive protection against sharp and foreign objects. It is available in a number of different round sizes.

  • Made of strong, eco-friendly material
  • Mildew and mold-resistant
  • Double-layered felt material completely prevents weed growth and rock damage
  • Eliminates condensation for corrosion prevention
  • May need to be trimmed to fit your pool size exactly
  • A bit tough to get the wrinkles out initially

Liner Life Pre-Cut Above Ground Round Liner Pad

Best Above Ground Pool Pad

Liner Life Pre-Cut Swimming Pool…

  • Aboveground pool liner pad – the liner life…
  • Precut to size – liner life pool padding is…
  • Protects pool – made of a high-quality, durable…

Liners for above ground pools, such as Liner Life pre-cut liner pads, are specifically designed to cushion and protect the pool’s bottom. The high-quality padding material protects your pool’s liner from damage caused by grass, roots, rocks, and other sharp objects, while also providing a comfortable layer of cushioning to the floor of your pool.

Padding for Liner Life pools is pre-cut to fit your pool, eliminating the need to cut or tape padding to fit your pool. It is available in a variety of sizes to fit your pool.

  • Perfect for a cement barrier
  • Fits true to size with a bit of overhang
  • Easy to install
  • Great leak prevention
  • Has two large seams that may be noticeable through the pool liner
  • A bit more prone to mold than others so it may only last one season

Elephant Above Ground Pool Liner Pad

Best Above Ground Pool Pad

24 ft Round Pool Liner Pad,…

  • Easy installation. pre-cut to fit your size…
  • Helps to protect and prevent rocks, roots, & nut…
  • One piece construction with no cutting, taping, or…

In addition to being made of a durable tear-guard weave, the Elephant Above Ground Pool Liner Pad also helps to protect your pool liner from punctures.

It comes pre-cut to fit your swimming pool’s dimensions; all you have to do is place it beneath your vinyl liner on a sand base. It is available in a variety of sizes and has built-in mould and mildew resistant inhibitors. The Elephant Pad is intended solely for the purpose of undergrowth protection, not cushioning.

  • One-piece construction with no cutting, taping or measuring
  • Super-easy to install and lays flat upon arrival
  • Best for rocks and prevention of nutgrass growth
  • Mold and mildew-resistant
  • No cushioning provided. We recommend using a sand base with this product.
  • May require some cutting to fit your pool exactly

Blue Wave Above Ground Pool Liner Pad

Best Above Ground Pool Pad

Blue Wave 15-Feet Round Liner Pad…

  • Above ground pool liner pad only – blue vinyl…
  • Protects your liner from sharp objects
  • Provides a layer of cushioning

Above-ground pool pads, such as the Horizon Ventures Above-Ground Pool Pad, function similarly to carpet underpads in that they provide soft, smooth floor pads beneath pool liners to protect them from damage caused by roots, stones, and coarse sand. Constructed of a single piece of water-resistant synthetic material, this pool cover comes pre-cut to fit most standard round and oval pool sizes.

  • Cut to size and seamed for your pool
  • Well constructed and true to size
  • Excellent for blocking grass growth and debris
  • Above ground pool liner pad only – Blue vinyl liner sold separately
  • Very thin material, more for blocking grass than cushioning

What is an Above Ground Pool Pad?

Generally speaking, an above-ground pool pad is a piece of fabric or padding that is placed beneath your pool liner to protect it from tears, cuts, and punctures caused by roots, grass, rocks, or other debris underneath.

They’re usually pre-cut to fit specific pool sizes and shapes, which saves time and money. Furthermore, you place them underneath for an additional layer of protection.

Pool pads are typically made of a synthetic geotextile material that has a similar texture to felt and feels like it. It is, on the other hand, a very durable material that can withstand rough surfaces.

Why You Need an Above Ground Pool Pad

Vinyl pool liners are extremely durable, but they have a limit to how much they can withstand. Even if you make every effort to remove anything sharp from the ground beneath you, a sharp rock, root, or even shards of glass will eventually find their way to the surface of the ground.

These items have the potential to puncture or tear your liner, resulting in a leak that is difficult to repair. Liner pads add an additional layer of protection against this type of situation. They’re made of a tough fabric (typically polypropylene) that will keep sharp objects at a distance.

Not only that, but they also act as a small layer of padding for your feet when you walk. What if those jagged objects poke through your pool and land on your feet? Just imagine how that will feel!

Additionally, pool pads act as a vapour barrier, preventing a significant amount of moisture from corroding the metal of your pool’s structure.

It essentially helps to extend the life of your liner while also making swimming more comfortable.

4 Considerations for Buying the Best Above Ground Pool Pad


The size of your pool

First and foremost, if you don’t already know the size of your pool, you’ll need to measure it. The majority of pool liners available today are pre-cut to specific sizes.

Pool pads used to necessitate a great deal of cutting and taping, but we’ve come a long way since then, my friend.


Your climate

Many pool pads, but not all of them, are resistant to mould and mildew growth. If you live in a particularly humid climate, you should check your product to see if it has a feature that will help you deal with the humidity.

In other words, you might want to avoid using the felt-like pads because they will absorb moisture and become brittle if there is too much moisture coming in from the outside environment.


What’s under your pool?

You can find a swimming pool pad that will work for you regardless of whether your pool is on concrete, sand, or grass. Make sure to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations for the pads you intend to purchase.


Heat loss

Personally, I would always choose a pad that provided a small amount of additional heat retention, but that may not be an important consideration for you.

Nonetheless, if this is the case, make certain that your liner is designed to prevent convective heat loss. Some specifically state this, but others use terms such as “vapour barrier” or “insulation” to describe their products.

Features to Look for in the Best Above Ground Pool Pad

Padding. Make certain that the liner you purchase is padded to provide additional cushioning. In some cases, the ground beneath your pool can be extremely uncomfortable for your feet, depending on what it is built on.

Ease-of-installation. There was a lot of measuring, cutting, and taping involved with the old pool pads. It was a major hassle! Newer pool pads, on the other hand, are very precisely cut to size, and you can find one to fit almost any pool size.

Materials. It goes without saying that you must be aware of the materials from which the pad is constructed, as well as their durability. For starters, it’s best to look for a pad that is mould and mildew resistant. This indicates that it is not permeable and will not allow moisture to pass through. Another advantage of using the most durable fabrics is that they provide the most protection for your liner.

How to Properly Install an Above Ground Pool Pad

Installing an above-ground pool pad is a relatively straightforward process, but it may necessitate the use of more than one set of hands to complete it properly.

As a result, it is necessary to plan ahead of time in order to have the exact location of your pool planned out before installation can begin.

A pool pad actually makes the process a little easier, because if you get the right size, it will give you a good idea of how much space it will take up once the pool is set up.

As an analogy, imagine having a cardboard cutout of your pool that you can move around your yard to determine where you want it to be located.

As soon as you’ve decided where you want to put something, it’s critical to lay it out flat and remove any wrinkles or folds. This is where having an extra set of hands can be extremely beneficial.

For the thinner liners, it is best to do this on a calm day with no wind to ensure the best results.

On top of it, you’ll put your pool liner or frame, and that’s it! The instructions provided by the manufacturer for setting up the pool will be used for this step.

You may require assistance in keeping it in place while you are laying out the pool, but once you have some weight on it, it should remain in the location you desire.

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